Superyacht Radio Superyacht Talks

SuperYacht Talks Broadcasting Platform for Seminars & Talks to the Global Superyacht Industry

Join The Tribe SuperYacht Talks Has Launched a New Platform for Broadcasting Seminars & Talks to the Global Superyacht Industry SuperYacht Radio has recently launched a brand new service called SuperYacht Talks – a simple broadcasting service for the global Superyacht Industry. You can now reach a wider audience from the comfort of your office […]

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Yachting Exit Plan with Jamila Superyacht Chief Stew

S1 E5 Nautic Nomad Podcast with Jamila aka @Super_Yacht_Chief_Stew | Yachting Exit Plans

Join The Tribe by Randi Barry S1 E5 Show Notes Talking Yachting Exit Plans with Jamila aka @Super_Yacht_Chief_Stew In this yachting podcast we explore the world on water with Superyacht Chief Stew Jamila. She is also the owner of Starfish Crew, a Yacht Crew consultancy agency geared towards helping Spanish speaking people join the yachting industry. Her bespoke […]

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