North East USA

Discovering the Northeast USA by Sea

🖋 Featuring Blogger: Long Island Local & Yachtie Melissa McMahon Compiled by: Randi Barry  Newport tips: Dylan Barry Join The Tribe Northeast USA Itinerant sea travel often leads to waking up in a new port and locale beyond compare. Experiencing these places by boat is an excellent opportunity to experience the lifestyle without the downside of room and board. Read […]

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Yachtie Life

The Yachtie Life | Med Season

By: The Long Island Mermaid Melissa McMahon The Yachtie Life Conversations with people on land that don’t really know about the yachting industry are always interesting. The best part of them is explaining where you have been or where you are going next. As yachties, we become so nonchalant when we explain it “Yeah, we are crossing […]

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